Meadow rue Blanket

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Width: approx. 60 (60) cm

Length: approx. 80 (80) cm

Amount of yarn: 1 thread, 250 g (2 threads, 350 g)

Recommended needles: 1 thread: circular needle 3 mm (60 cm) (2 threads: circular needle 4,5 m, mm (60 cm)    

Recommended yarn: Sandnes Alpakka Silke (approx. 200 m/50 g), or any other yarn with the same gauge and meterage. If you decide to knit with another yarn, the blanket might have a different look. I do not recommend mixed (heather mix) yarn for this pattern.   

Gauge 1 thread: 27 sts in stockinette stitch on needle 3 mm = 10 cm  

Gauge 2 threads: 20 sts in stockinette stitch on needle 4,5 mm = 10 cm  


The blanket is knit bottom up, back and forth in rows, with either 1 or 2 threads. The blanket has a pattern of meadow rue and garter stitch edges. While knitting, the blanket might wrinkle, but will stretch out perfectly once washed and blocked.